A Special Message from our Friend Sarah Amento:

Sarah AmentoYesterday, we were invited to a Mansion for a very Magical evening. This is set up for families who are being impacted by sickness, life threatening sickness, or death. It’s a time to step out of the realities of life and walk in to the magic a dreams and hope! It was truly MAGICAL! It was like having Disney there. The evening began with a Cinderella horse and carriage ride up to the mansion, then the kids enjoyed Tiaras & swords. The opening was a truly MAGICAL show with ever single character you could imagine in a spectacular show. I couldn’t help but to watch my children and the excitement in their faces and tear up:) my favorite thing in this world is to see my children happy and they were in heaven! We then had a dinner, with amazing shows for entertainment along with many surprises and keepsakes! One of my highlights to the evening besides watching the joy is the new friends and families that I met! One family was at our table, nothing is never by chance if we truly look! The family and their daughter just lost their son and her brother this year to brain cancer. My heart broke into tiny pieces for this family, but I didn’t walk away depressed, I walk away INSPIRED by LOVE! What an AMAZING young boy their precious son must of been and I am so happy that he had such an amazing family! I will add a link to their page, so you can follow, they are going to do awesome things in his memory:) I truly feel honored that she shared her heart, pain, her joy, her hope, her fears, her life with me. After dinner, we went to 4 different rooms designed to Bless the children and felt truly personalized around them! I can not describe it fully, only saying it was magical! Truly Magical! Highlights watching my kids so excited to see what each room held. Not worrying about anything, but just being💕 Isabella having her first dance with a Prince! That was so special, to see the shy joy on her face!! She loved it, I couldn’t help but to pray Lord, please keep me here so I can someday see her dance on her very special day with the Prince that she will marry. It was such a special moment to watch (Bella) is normally way to shy! Then, at the close of the evening they were reminded (we were reminded) of the Love of God for us, which was so evident in each and every person at this Magical evening from the care, love and smiles in their eyes!! The Doors opened, to snow falling, all the characters high and low with smiles on their faces, and the bottom stepped full of gifts for the children~ special to each of the kids!! I’m crying now as I type this! It will be a special memory that we will carry for a lifetime & if my heart couldn’t be any Fuller, as we are leaving, my son Andrew asks, ‘Mom can I be one of the kid helpers next year and help other families’!! The impact this evening had on my son, who keeps everything inward must of been monumental! The legacy each of these angels that volunteered and donated will be a lifetime!