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Mission Statement

Mansion Memories is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving children in crisis and their families by providing happy memories that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to create valuable moments through our magical events, at no cost to the families, in the midst of illness, loss, or hardship. These memorable events build moments that empower and  inspire families to focus on and use laughter, love, and happiness as formidable tools to endure the suffering and embrace hope for a positive future. We believe that a child’s smile can be a path to courage and the perfect way to show families we care.

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How Do We Select Our Families?

Families are nominated from within the community who have social, economic or health related crisis. Please use the form below if you would like to nominate a child and their family.

Please note:  Due to limited space and our goal to serve as many families in crisis as possible, we cannot accommodate grandparents, aunt, uncles, cousins or friends at the Magical Day. Only Nominees selected to participate and their immediate family members may attend the Magical Day event.

How To Get Involved?

We typically have over 150 volunteers to make these events a reality. From decorating to food preparation to the final clean up, our amazing volunteer workers are a crucial component to our success. Volunteer opportunities will be announced as needed for each event.

Nominate a Child

Our Nominations for our next Magical Day are CLOSED!  Thank you for helping us bring the magic to these deserving families.